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Return to Play

Age-appropriate, sport-specific training for competitive athletes to help them gain not only strength, stability, and speed, but the confidence to succeed in competition.

Our pre-season and early season dry-land training program supplements the high repetition, low-resistance work that swimmers complete in the pool.

Program Overview

Return to Play Program

A serious knee injury can be devastating for athletes of any age. Missing a season is tough, but even worse is returning to play unprepared.

Athletes who complete a post-surgery physical therapy program may not yet be ready for a return to full-speed play; our ACL Bridge program ‘bridges’ that gap.

This individualized program includes regular evaluations to measure progress as athletes work to improve strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, and power so they can return to competition “better than new.”

Aplus performance center is not simply a place to work out. It’s where better athletes are made. We’re the premier destination for individualized, highly effective, sport-specific training that’s like no other.

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